Ginger W. Ware

My work begins with looking: at my surroundings; at events in my daily life, family, city, and the wider world; at the works of a multitude of artists from the past, known and unknown. I follow emotional strands to their mythic origins and listen to the echoes from the modern and ancient past. These elements coalesce into a new visual narrative told in my own voice.

Essential to the process is my variety of media: oil paint, ink, charcoal and other drawing materials, fiber (hand spinning and weaving on a variety of looms small and large), and various printmaking techniques, including monotype, paper lithography and intaglio. Each approach offers its own unique voice and expression to suit ever-changing moods, emotions, and symbolic content, from specific and representational to abstracted.

Artistic influences include Munch, Degas, Gauguin, Giacometti, Bourgeois, Rodin, Whistler, ancient Greek and Roman statuary, medieval and Renaissance icons and devotional art, and African textiles. Extensive travel (including Africa, Asia, Europe, and throughout the US), daily journaling, and musical practice (cello and piano) have also contributed significant tributaries to my visual production.

I work in Cleveland Heights, OH, where I live with my husband. To learn about our humanitarian trips, visit wanderlove.blog.

For other information, contact me at ginger@gingerwware.com.